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Ending Project with Full of Emotion


It seems like just yesterday. How I quit my job and packed all my stuff then start off for new adventure in Poland. I was too excited for my project and I had full of good feelings. I never asked for what I’m going to do, who I will live with, how it will be with volunteering in special needs school? The thing that I had, only positive energy. I believe, if you send just positive energy to the atmosphere than good things will happen.

When I arrived Poland, I was highly motivated for my project. I don’t know, I don’t have any experience with disabled pupils but I trusted myself. When I see the school first time I thought I m so lucky. They have a lot of materials, facility. All the teachers were so open, friendly and warm. And pupils! Yes they were everything for me. All my emotions. They were a bit shy but at the same time very brave, amiable. 

First day my dear roommate Juanita (other volunteer) took me to the school. She showed around all school building, classes, garden, and big park. They had art class, ceramic, gym, physical rehabilitation, relax room with lights, music class, cooking class, hypo therapy (horse class), gardening many many things. I wish I could tell about name by name about my teachers who supported me, or all my pupils who I enjoyed a lot. But all of them have place in my heart. I learnt a lot of things from them. 


They just open their big heart and hug me. Then I thought how I am rich with them and about my feelings there are not enough words to explain. 

About my hosting organization “AWA” (Active Women Association), they were always very supportive especially with my great coordinator. I never had problem with them. When I had any problem about flat or anything they just solved. They always got back to me when I need. 

And other volunteers, who became one of member of my family. We had a lot of memories, moments, fun, laugh, and cry. We shared too much things in 9 months. If start to write pages are not enough ☺ so just imagine how I fell so lucky with them. 

I’m shaping myself after this volunteering experience. It has really important to me. I touched many lives and many people left some of their parts in my life.

I’m glad that I used this opportunity. I had amazing 9 months in despite of Coronavirus. I spent perfect time in my school with my lovely pupils and teachers. I have amazing friends from different countries, cultures. I never felt alone. I have a big big family now.  

I don’t want to say goodbye, I know it’s not gonna be the same as I lived in Poland as a volunteer but I know I will come back and visit my school, my friends in Poland. And we already have plans to meet with other volunteers.

So may we meet again!


Muberra Polat from Turkey, Special Needs School Nr 4



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