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Paco in Tychy

Yesterday i arrived to my hometown in Spain, after being in Poland from Septmeber (with a break in christmas) until half of july i take with me a full pack of learnings, experiences and memories.

I remember when I found the project, last year I was finishing my studies and I didn’t really know what to do. It was like an answer from heaven, more blind than with doubts, without thinking too much I applied. Time passed and finally everything was ready and I was on my way to Poland. I remember my first day, arriving in Krakow, Katowice and later in Sosnowiec. The unknown faces that little by little were getting to know each other and new volunteers who were coming. Little by little I was adapting, I started the first contact with the school, sunny days playing with the children and discovering this new system of alternative education, totally new for me. Contact with the local community was also established, participating in protests on the issue of abortion, joining martial arts training groups and dancing classes. The knowledge about the school was deepening, participating in performances, discovering new disciplines such as Yoga and Capoeira and creating and sharing more and more with children and adults. Despite the COVID situation, some trips could be made through Poland, Krakow, Opole, lakes, parks … and when I wanted to realize it, the snow covered the city, and I was already leaving for Christmas to Spain.

Just as I left, I immediately saw myself in Poland again, this second part passed very quickly and I feel like I did countless things. Visits to other schools, forests, different cities Wroclaw, Bielsko-Biala, the Baltic Coast, festivals and parties…The sun was shining, and the people who I was meeting too, the time was getting closer to leave, to say goodbye, to thank and to recount what we had learned.

I take with me multitude of good friends and good times, a new way of looking at education and with new tools and possibilities, a multicultural and more critical flavor after all the experiences. I leave with less fear and more security, with a more open mind and more attentive eyes.


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