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Oriol in Sosnowiec

Final reflection on the EVS experience

It is amazing to see how quickly time can pass … although when we have that feeling it is always positive since it means that we have been enjoying it, learning and growing as like a humans, and so I could summarize it in my case.

Even so, I would love to deny that this is over, but that is, life is formed by different stages, and this has materially ended, but not in my memory, not in my growth, not in my progress, not in my learning and neither in my heart, because here I have left much of me, but I have received even more.

I can remember perfectly that boy who after studying the university career wanted to do something different, had that desire to live new experiences, to learn something different from what society educates us, to discover, to explore, to enjoy. In the suitcases there were not only clothes, there was illusion, energy and fresh air.

I remember my first day and my first impression, arriving at 02:30 am and seeing the facades of the buildings somewhat destroyed and discolored. My literal thought was: „Where have I gone …”

And I have never been so happy to make such a mistake, there without realizing it, I already received my first lesson, a lesson that I always try to take with me, but it is always related to people, Never judge by appearance.

I also remember how I couldn’t sleep that night. I could barely see the flat because I didn’t want to wake up my future flatmates, it was also weird to see how I was going to live for 11 months sharing a room. So I was just lying in my bed with those nerves and excitement making myself a world of possibilities and different hypotheses.

From the beginning I felt welcomed, accepted and integrated. They helped me a lot at the beginning with the basic tasks and locating myself in the city.

Then I started with the school, that project for which I had decided to come here and of which I can only speak wonders and feel lucky.

Of course it was difficult and I had frustrating moments. It is difficult to teach or contribute when there is no common language. But just seeing the smiles of the students and the emotions so real they gave off made up for everything. That welcome from the teachers, those chaotic halls full of noise and energy between classes, and the greatest of my luck with my tutor … nothing could go wrong, all the basic necessities were covered.

I just had to observe and analyze, doing this self-reflection exercise in myself to find a way to connect with them and implement my ideas and skills, but of course everything is easier when there is an open mind, unconditional support and trust and expectations put in you.

This is that simple … and you will answer yourselves. How would you feel if they gave you everything just in exchange for working on something you like because you have previously chosen it, could you have a complaint? There are no further questions, Your Honor.

So that guy who came is leaving, but he’s not the same, it’s a better version.

He came meeting new people and flatmates, he returns with friends.

He came with very basic English, he returns with improved English.

He came to help a teacher, he returns with a brother.

He was independent, he comes back with more and new skills.

This time I return with more experiences and my memory full of magical moments, also very nostalgic, but very hungry to continue growing and improving as a person.

Thank all those who have made this experience possible. I don’t know if anyone is really going to read this … but I encourage you all to live a magical and different year. A path where to discover more yourself. Perhaps these experiences do not have the same weight in society as a university degree can be, why they have educated us and demand it. But these experiences have 3 times more value, open your minds and enjoy.

We will see us again!


Oriol Garcia





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