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My final article ~ Martyna

Witam wszystkich!

In this article I’ll shortly share with you my 12 months experience in European Solidarity Corps project. It was a new path in my life. Full of new adventures, challenges, unknown cultures, interesting people, rush, responsibilities, discovering myself and surrounding me world which I got know from the other side. Sounds like Netflix movie or latest book, huh?

My story (with project) started in September 2020, but a lot of things happened before because of which I appeared in a right place and time. I was a volunteer in Special Need School no 4 in Sosnowiec when I started my Bachelor Degree, so 4 years ago. I decided to stay in a school and one teacher Dagmara (who became my tutor) proposed me to join the project. She knew me very well and she thought that I might be interested because one year I had an opportunity to met and hang out with volunteers from previous years. Dagmara saw me that I was happy to met them. Of course I agreed to join the project. I spoke with a coordinator of the project Ania, nice woman <3, who introduced me to the project and AWA (Active Women Association). So I started the project with few volunteers. I spent a lot of time with a group. We were hanging out together, going for a parties, trips, cooking and many more. With time I’ve met more volunteers. They were in whole Poland! You don’t even expect how popular is this project. I was shocked that so many people from abroad are coming to my country to be a volunteer. I found it amazing. I remind very well my trip with Ondra and Giuseppe to Leszno, to meet volunteers from my On Arrival Training and also their friends. That was fun!

On the beginning volunteering was a bit difficult as a Corona situation in Poland. But then I feel like I catch up with this. I did a lot of stuff with students. I was cooking with them, making lessons, play basketball, dance with them outside, taking part in artist classes such as glass and clay. I also visited another school “Nasza Dobra Szkoła” in Katowice. It was totally different than mine but I was really charmed. The class I spent time with is working on Montessori method which is very interesting for me. That was also nice experience.

During the project came more volunteers to Sosnowiec and some of them already left. I’m glad to meet all of them and I’ll remember them forever. When I’ll be an old lady I’ll have many memories, good memories 🙂 Project was full of meetings, journeys, crazy spontaneous things, work and great people. It was one of those good decisions in my life.

Not once and not twice I was in rush, I had many things to do, I was more out of home than in it. Many of you would say “OMG how did you manage?” “It must be exhausting for you”. I had many duties connected with project and not. But you know what? I liked it. I can’t sit in one place. I had motivation and energy for all of this. It made me happy because I’m good at what I’m doing. I did my best 🙂

I discovered more things about myself

  • I can do it
  • I’m more organized
  • I can do many things and still not lose myself in it
  • I’m powerful
  • I can deal with new challenges
  • I can learn more languages

It sounds like a motivation speech haha, but I like to share happiness with people. Maybe after reading that you will join some international project, or maybe you will make a big decision in your life you were considering for a long time, because you read a story of polish blonde girl 🙂

Pozdrawiam, Martyna from Poland, volunteer in Special Need School no 4 in Sosnowiec