Volunteering is not just a short time project. It is lifetime and everybody in it plays important role.

We are supposed to do many things, our points of wives are changing and evolving/devolving.

During My project I became much self aware, not only because of project but also ageing did it’s own part. I just spent 23 years on this life form, that can be called me, but still I think I witnessed many faces and behaviours of myself. I think I am happy with at least one thing-I learned how to deal with patience.

I went trough many stressful days. Covid Pandemic was on the peak when I came. Then I got it myself and side effect was another level of mental fight.

This is my final article, and one told me “write about your success”, I had internal discomfort and I said “I think I had no success”.

Well I still think so. I just became aware of many things. But also I think should we all success? what is success? I just did my thing and now I am done. nothing special. But still this word makes me feel like I should have achieved more or something is not just clear. I have to mention I am happy with other volunteers “success” but I don’t see mine.

For me important is that I change every time. I learn, I teach, I share and I receive. That was this project for me and that was things in my life before. I just don’t like to say I succeeded in something, nor failed-I just don’t feel it right now.

Every thing that we do is just a journey to understand who are we, what do we like or not. Nothing ever stays same and this is cool thing.

Maybe this is ordinary “success”.

Just enjoy with Yourself wherever you are!

Magda Matitaishvili