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Final Article of Laura

It’s always hard to say goodbye. For me this was the most present phrase in my last week in Poland.
I arrived in February with the longest and coldest winter of my life. I did not know that it could snow and be hot in the same day, but I expected a lot of snow and a lot of rain during the following months.
I really couldn’t say that my adaptation was complicated because as soon as I get to Sosnowiec everyone helped me a lot.
This experience has taught me a lot, and I could say that each person I have met has left me a learning. I have had a lot of fun with the children and the ones that are not childrens.
It is true that this covid time has made difficulties and we have not been able to go to school or we have had to quarantine in some moments, but even in those moments we have had fun time with my flatmates.
I will mention in a special way the visits to other schools with other volunteers, and the democratic schools camp we attended at the end of May, where we continue to learn while we were having fun.
And after these wonderful months with my new Polish family, it was time to return to Spain. In the return trip my suitcase weighed more. I was carried many experiences and learnings within her. I will not forget this experience.

Sosnowiec and all the people I met there will always be in my heart.