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Jaime in Sosnowiec

This volunteery service it’s going to be that experience I will tell everyone about. I will tell my new friends about that time I lived in the south of Poland, about the people from the 21 different countries I met. About their names and our differences, about how much they thaught me, about the words they showed me in their languages.

I will tell them how much I enjoyed steping the snow every day in winter when I was going to the school and how many times I felt because of it. I will show them pics of the foods I tried but I can’t pronunce. I will tell them about the people I lived with, about our jokes and long talks.

I will explain what an arrival training and mid-term meeting are, and what we did there, about the beers we drank singing and the activities we played together. I will explain them how I introduced my roomate to another volunteer and how I reacted when they told they were gonna get married.

I will tell them about how we were looking for dwarfs in our trip to Wrocław. How I feel when I visited Auschwitz in the coldest day on winter, and how I saw Kraków by the hand of a beautiful woman who showed me her favourite places.

I will tell everyone about that day I went to Czech Republic and I jump on the bridge, over the line that separates both countries. I will tell them about the history of Warszawa, about the nice guide who showed us the buildings and the destrucción that the city suffered. And about that day that a priest gifted me a cake for a photo with me.

I will explain how polish people curse, cause I learnt even that, and how elegants go students to do their exams. And the teachers, if I talk about my time in Poland I must talk about the nice teachers who took care of me, with who I went to dinner and how they surprise to each other.

I will tell them about the spanish teachers and how polish people love spanish culture, how they asked about every detail and compared to their own culture.

I will tell them how it was to go to a polish cinema, how I fought with polish buses and trams until I got so used I could go everywhere by my own. How I solved my problems here and who helped me, how I stayed two days at bed, cause is not always easy to be far from home and how I enjoyed to live outside my confort zone and all I loved. How I answered “Cause I know nothing about Poland” when people asked me why I moved to their country, and I how I explained that I’ve never wanted to think twice instead of living. How I realized how many things I had in my life and I never needed.

I will tell them how I learnt again to do the things I already knew how to do, but I wanted to learn again, to learn better. How I open myself to people with who I couldn’t talk cause we didn’t have a common language, how I helped people with power to be happy, and how I showed to people who lived longer than me, how to live properly. I will tell them how the most innocent question opened my mind to answers I didn’t expect, and how with those answers I hitted the brain of the closest mind I found, and I made a hole, not big, but big enough to let some light enter.

I will tell them how I cricked a wip, how I wore a crown and how I fought a wall. How I made people enjoy the silence for a minute and how I sang so hard that I thought the building was colapsing.

How I lied, and how I lost saying the truth, how I met awful people and how I’m gonna keep iN touch with others I need in my life forever.

I will tell them how I got trapped inside a sofa and how I rescued someone from inside a container. How I scared a stranger speaking in spanish and how I found a door behind a bookshelf. How I had to explain what ñ means, through the phone, and how we stop a guy in the middle of the street to take a pic with his shows, or how I met someone who was reading the same book as me in another language. How I spend so many hours sitting in the train that my butt felt sleep and I couldn’t get up for a while, or how the control of the train convince  me to jump in without ticket.

How I saw a railway on the bottom of a lake and how I danced under a spider. I will definitely explain how I change my name for a week and how I didn’t speak in three days, cause it was forbbiden.

I will tell them how my students looked for me on the breaks and how I had to carry even some of them on my arms. How we made a huge puzzle and how I played my role in a show for them. How we watched movies together and how I carried their mistake as mine in front of the teacher, cause they needed.

I will explain about the battle between the shark and the giant octopus and about the student who felt with me on the ice to make mecompany while the rest were skating properly. And how my roomate and I got lost cause we were do drunk that we were following the GPS with the phone head down, or how I burnt my hand doing laundry.

If I have to talk about my time in Poland I could tell a lot of things, and that’s what I will do.

Jaime Piñol Palao

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