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My name is Clara Morán Sánchez and I am 28 years old. I´m from Galicia -a region in the North of  Spain-. Before to become a part of the European Solidarity Corps I was working as a Speech-Language-Hearing teacher and in the develop of the autonomy as Sign Languages Interpreter and Communicative Mediator. Also, I am Primary Generalist teacher and Therapeutic Pedagogy specialist. Last summer, I was working in overnight camps as specialized instructor, thinking in be better professional by learning and teaching in a different context, so I decided to sign up for one of the best experiences of my life: the European Volunteering Service (EVS). The project I chose revolves around the theme alternative educational methodologies and I have always loved to work for the inclusion, for which I have developed my project at a special needs school in Sosnowiec, Poland.


Even if I knew it was the perfect moment to grow as a professional, I was scared because I didn’t knew English or Polish and I felt maybe I can’t connect with others at the beginning… But, once I arrived Poland, my tutor of the project took me from the airport to the flat were a complete network of fantastic young volunteers waiting me in the flat with their big smiles and couple of drinks to share. From that moment I knew it would be not just a work, so even more. Also, AWA association helped me with the bank account, transportation card… And in all the things I needed at the beginning making easier adaptation period. 

Each month I spent in Poland I felt supported from local and regional environment. My tutor (Piotr) he was amazing supporting us in everything! Anna, AWA’s coordinator, she supported me in every problem that I could find. I spoke with the mentor when I wanted to collaborate with the animal shelter and other free time topics. And, of course, other volunteers and people from the bars/restaurants I usually went in.

Nowadays, after my period there I think I’ve discover even more than I expect, and I’ve develop not only the european competences, also now I can see in myself better personal skills (with more patience, empathy, self-decisiveness,…) and I’ve discovered the pleasure of living and travelling with multicultural friends who give me another perspective about the world.


In my case, the relationship with the school and specially with the tutor was unbeatable. Everyday I went to the school I found more motivation and thousands of reasons to say I love my work and I want to go ahead with it for my life. The result of this experience ? I’m ending my project tomorrow (Tuesday) and on Wednesday I’ll start to work as an specialist teacher. The perfect summary is one sentence on my job interviewer: 

`About your flexibility, motivation and adaptation at the new situations ? Ok, is not necessary your answer: I see you were in the ESC in Poland.´

Thank you ESC, AWA, and to the people who have trusted me so that I have more and better opportunities in the future.


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