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Temo in Gliwice


This way of greeting people became kind of my handprint since I arrived in Poland, and to be honest I love it. Do you know the feeling when you miss the home? Probably all of us have experienced it. But do you know the feeling when you find a new place which feels like home too? If yes, then we understand each other. So here I am, writing all those from my second home.

I’ll start telling my story from a bit earlier time…Everything started when I was around 13 years old, when I became a volunteer for the first time. Since then many things had happened, many challenges, victories, obstacles and mainly joy which was always following me during doing voluntarily jobs. Being a volunteer was one of the things I was proud of myself. I was seventeen when I first heard about ESC/EVS (former EVS program) and since this moment I was waiting for many years to pick the best moment of my life to go for long term volunteering. I was a person who was eager to help others but improve himself as well. I was always shy kid, who was always in shadows and wasting many opportunity chances because was afraid to challenge others and mainly himself just because lack of confidence. Volunteering and involving myself in non-formal activities were the key to find myself productive. I opened up and started proving myself and others that I could do more. 

I was 22, when I found this volunteering opportunity in Poland. I said this is the time maybe. Filled online application and after couple of days I got accepted. Hmmm… It felt good but a bit scary to go quite far and start a new life for 1 year. But it was scary just for couple of hours, because I got all I wanted and needed to get ready for going to Poland. So, I did.

Arriving in Poland was one of the most special feeling. Meeting the group of volunteers, my hosting organization and my school was heartwarming for me. I didn’t feel any stress and adaptation period lasted less than a week I think, because I felt welcomed. 

My school where I was volunteering, Wolno Mi is locate in Gliwice. My biggest fear was  if children wouldn’t like me… which disappeared after starting working there. Since the first day I’m filled with all the positive feelings. Today every time I’m talking about school pupils, I can’t hold myself saying My Kids! Because they became my friends, teachers and energy generators. They are just amazing, with their differences and similarities. We found our ways to play games, paint or do some physical activities. Lately I even started play some mobile games to have more connection with them and till today we play together online, which gives me special feelings and I’m happy I’m in touch with them. Sometimes it’s hard to express everything the way you feel. I’ve spent one of the most precious time of my life here and I enjoyed every minute of it. Now as end date of the project is near, I have big sadness inside I need overcome. Lately because of the Covid-19 virus all the schools and many other institutions got closed, which cut rest time which I had to spend at school and that unexpected event made me feel more confused but life is always about giving us some challenges that we should pass so I’m doing my best to do so.

Another huge opportunity by volunteering with ESC project is meeting new people. I’m happy that we had huge support from our project coordinator Ania, who was our coordinator at the beginning, but she became part of our little commune, to whom we could call a friend and trust! As I mentioned I’ve met other volunteers of my project here who became my new family. Can’t describe how happy I am to have them here. They are just amazing! We just got lucky because we all created safe environment where we could be ourselves and trust each other, rely on, teach each other a lot and just spend uncountable memorable moments together with life lasting memories.

At the end I want to say is that P L E A S E! If you will get this opportunity to be a volunteer with ESC project, don’t think twice and just catch the moment. Because this project is life changing, which will give you the most wonderful volunteering experience, opens up you sight more and gives you chance learn a lot about yourself and others as well. 

Remember we are creators of our own story. One story of mine ends here but it continues in many ways! So yours will be!S

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