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The Medeina Foundation was set up to recover the deep connection between man and nature, to prevent distortions due to  “nature deficit” and to promote environmental attitudes and sustainable development of communities.

It carries out youth projects in Poland and all over the world as part of the European Solidarity Corps, which enable young people up to 30 years of age to gain professional experience in green organisations abroad (e.g. eco-villages, environmental centres).

With the support of European programmes, including Erasmus+, the foundation implements outdoor educational projects all over the world, in which nature plays an important role, is present as an environment, tool and content. 

In its outdoor activities, the Foundation combines various non-formal educational methods, such as: outdoor education, mountain therapy, land-art, community building, tribal community practices, deep ecology and ecological awareness, working with wildness and the nature elements, mindfulness in nature

The Foundation develops innovative outdoor educational methodologies, including „empowerment trekking”.

The Foundation implements ecological and sustainable development projects through non-formal education, campaigns in social media and internet, cooperation of eco-leaders and eco-activists, support for informal youth groups

The Foundation consists of a team of managers, educators and trainers of non-formal education, which inspires and strengthens groups particularly vulnerable to social exclusion, such as young people and seniors.

From 2019 to 2021, the Foundation Medeina has been implementing a partnership project with 4 partner organisations from European countries within the Erasmus+ Sport programme „Euro-Hike – youth empowerment through sport and nature”. The project is devoted to development of the outdoor methods in contact with nature and is dedicated to youth workers and informal education trainers.

Since 2018, together with European partners dealing with nature education , the Foundation has implemented weekly European training projects within the Erasmus+ programme, including the following events:

  1. Game of wellness” – devoted to the promotion of ideas, techniques, methods and values of taking care of wellbeing and wellness.
  2. Wanderfull – the role of pilgrimage in nature in human personal and social development”.
  3.  „Eco-centric development for inclusion and empowerment” – training for youth workers.
  4. EARTH, WIND AND FIRE” – the role of the elements in informal education, training for youth workers.
  5.  „Storytelling in global education„. – training for youth workers.
  6. Gamefication4Youth” – training for youth workers.
  7. Entertaining financial literacy„. – training for youth workers.

From 2019 to 2021, the Foundation runs a strategic partnership project „PARTE Permakultura: a way to renew traditional entrepreneurship” with organisations from Spain and Italy, which aims to exchange good practices in the field of permaculture. The Foundation runs partnership meetings of the organisation’s staff.

From 2019 to 2021, the Foundation runs a partnership project „Join the Circulation Economy with Erasmus+” with an organisation from Spain, which aims to exchange good practices in the field of circular economy education and solutions.

In April 2020, the Foundation launched educational project „Direction EKO-ZAGŁĘBIE” as part of the European Solidarity Corps /solidarity projects/.
The Foundation organises meetings of young people from Zagłębie region interested in environmental issues, which promote ecological attitudes towards sustainable development.

From 2017-2020, the Foundation has organised several two-day development trips with elements of empowerment and nature education – to the Jurassic Region in Poland and the Beskidy Mountains. 

From 2019-2020, the Foundation implemented a project for the civic and social participation of 60+ seniors from Sosnowiec city „Wespół-w zespół – aktywni obywatele 60+ na rzecz Sosnowca„, co-financed by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy. As part of the project, training sessions and meetings were held which helped seniors from Sosnowiec to establish 8 Senior Clubs in the city.

The Foundation regularly runs campaigns promoting ecological attitudes and expanding contact with nature in social media – Facebook, twitter, youtube. 

More information: medeina.pl