EVS w Bułgarii /6 i 10 miesięcy/. Początek listopad 2017.

Looking for volunteering opportunities? Interested to visit Varna
 European Youth Capital 2017?

If you want to join the growing number of young people who volunteer in Europe and across the world, Organization of Bulgarian Scouts is the best opportunity for you!

Are you between 18 and 30
and willing to spend from 6 or 10 months abroad as an EVS volunteer?

The Organization of Bulgarian Scouts
and Active Women Association (sending organisation)
are looking for persons with scout experience
or with attitude and skills to work with children and youth
as EVS Volunteer in Varna (European Youth Capital for year 2017)
and Shumen (Bulgaria).

If you’re interested, you are kindly asked
to send, as soon as possible
and cover letter in English on the following
email address: ewak.sak@gmail.com
and fill in the application form:  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfhesacTHNMhKEVvFnFZYyh5fcfoNK6MozD-WpJotKbC2NffA/viewform

The application should refer to the scout experience
– priority in the 

We will contact with every person!!!

The presence of European volunteers in Bulgaria will influence not only young people that are already scouts but will also have a very strong influence on the whole local and national community in Bulgaria, so that many people can learn about scouting and decide to participate.

EVS Project Structure

A typical EVS opportunity with The Organization of Bulgarian Scouts:

  • At the moment on the local level the Organization needs help of volunteers to organize activities and games for the group of the cubs (children between 7 and 11 years old) and/or for the group of the scouts (boys and girls between 12 and 18 years old). The volunteer will support the organization bringing new ideas and experiences to share with the local leaders to improve the activities and to increase the number of members of the group.
  • Planning of National or District Activities such as Founders’ Weekend Activities and Cub, Scout and Ventures Challenges, camps, trips…
  • Develop and enhance training tools such as social, physical, intellectual, character, emotional and spiritual development tools and also to incorporate the scout method holistically in group activities
  • On the national level the Bulgarian Scouts are organizing an educational system for scouting and they are creating a training system for scout leaders. In that level the Organization needs a person that preferably has took part in trainings for leaders in his own country or in youth work seminars as participant or, better, as a trainer. The volunteer will be involved bringing experiences, good practices and helping in the organization of trainings for leaders in Bulgaria.
  • Group Visits to help scout sections directly in implementing national youth policies
  • Help in scouting camps. Reconstruction of buildings at the Scout Camp. Building new activities or structures for the camp, cleaning the buildings, painting, collecting the rubbish, maintenance work around the camp site and in the buildings.
  • Helping in administration related matters such as communication
  • Help in Public Relations and Association website
  • Organizing of Virtual Scout Activities Resources

The Organization of Bulgarian Scouts expects the volunteer to be active at determining his/her role within the EVS project. The volunteer needs to show initiative, interest and determination at holding his/her project within a scouting environment. The Organization of Bulgarian Scouts looks forward to working with foreign volunteers so that its young members can experience international cooperation. Hence volunteers would be invited to share their culture across the association. Volunteers should be creative, and should also be able to work as part of a team, and to work on their own initiative. It is also important to be open to new challenges and experiences.

The following characteristics complete the profile of the participant:

  • Creativity, as the volunteer will work in a very dynamic and creative environment.
  • Positive attitude, to find always solutions for every problem during the voluntary service.
  • Predisposition to the contact with young people, as the participant will work in a youth organization in direct contact with children and teenagers.
  • Team-working skills, because the volunteer will often work with other leaders in a team.
  • Good communication abilities, to lead activities and/or for working as a trainer for scout leaders.
  • Autonomy in the daily life, as the volunteer will probably share the apartment with other volunteers and will manage individually about food and beverages.
  • Liability to cooperate with other people, in a working contest, because the participant will cooperate for most of the working period with other people.
  • Open mind, as the volunteer will operate in an intercultural contest and in a different country.

Volunteers will be provided with the needed accommodation facilities with all the necessary amenities and also a safe working environment for the duration on the project. According to the project the right venue for accommodation will be selected and made available to the volunteers.

On arrival adaptation: The volunteers will attend the welcoming sessions at Youth Informational Voluntary Center. We foresee meetings in the first weeks, so to gradually introduce volunteers to the new situation and place, facilitate their integration in the new context, and leave them time to get accustomed to the new life-style. They will also be enrolled to a short Bulgarian course in order to receive language initiation according to their level, so that they can better understand and communicate and will be progressively given an overall view of the whole range of activities of the host organization, and introduced to people involved, staff and users.

According to the funding rules of the European Voluntary Service and to the current flat rates/fixed amounts applied at national level. The 100% of real round-trip travel costs will be provided to volunteer by reimbursement by the hosting organization in the maximum amount agreed in the grant application/275euro/ no later than 4 days after receiving of the original tickets and boarding passes. The pocket money will be given to the volunteer by the host organization once per a month in the amount of 3 Euros per day in cash (its´ equivalent in the Bulgarian Leva according to the exchange rate course given by the Bulgarian National Agency). The host organization will cover the volunteer activity costs (task-related, personal support, mentor, sending activities), accommodation, food, local transport, administration/communication amounting up to € 500/month.

Volunteers are required to uphold the scouting principles during the working time. They also need to behave in accordance to the Bulgarian Law and posses a clean criminal record as they would have to be in contact with minors in their work. Regular scouting activities take place in the afternoons, evening and weekends. Such irregular working hours will be compensated by more free time.

The project would offer the participants ways to improve several competencies. According to the proposed project they will

  • practice their leadership skills
  • improve their multicultural levels
  • follow courses
  • teach small scouts about their country
  • practice English and Bulgarian
  • develop tools and skills.

It is important that volunteers will be ready to learn new things and be ambitious.

Volunteers should be able to communicate on English.

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